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    Young Driver Experience is a purpose built floodlit driving arena located at the South Tees Motor Sports Park in Middlesbrough, North East of England.

    We teach 14 to 17 year olds the basics of driving in a manual BMW MINI fitted with dual controls on our safe, traffic-free and exclusive arena and have gift vouchers available.

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  • Individuals

    Our sessions are 60 minutes long, and the
    whole session time is spent in the car with them in the driving seat to gain the maximum driving time.

    We work at a pace to suit their needs, and all drivers will go home with a progress sheet of everything they have successfully completed, along with a certificate of achievement.

  • Up to 3 Drivers
    Up to 3 Drivers

    In a 60 minute long session, we can take up to 3 drivers at once, where the whole session time is spent in the car, they can sit in to watch, listen and learn from each other and have some fun, or they can go in the car separately, if they would prefer.

    If split between 2 drivers they will get 30 minutes each in the driving seat, or if split between 3 drivers they will get 20 minutes each in the driving seat.

  • Parties

    We can accommodate larger groups, for
    Birthday Parties and other occasions, so they can celebrate in style!
    We can take up to 6 people in a party
    running 2 cars at once with 2 instructors, having 3 people in each car based on a 60 minute session. More people can be added upon request, in a longer session.
    We can customise your event to suit your needs, and even provide food and beverages if required.

Teaching Young Drivers

Young Driver Experience is a great way for girls and boys, aged 14 years and over, to learn to drive a car.


Serious Fun

Here’s an opportunity for eager youngsters to experience what driving is really like. Forget simulators on games consoles or the Web, this is the real thing!

Whether they have done some driving before or never even sat in the driver’s seat, we can teach them how to drive – and do it safely – before they reach the legal driving age of 17 and are let loose on the roads.

We only take one party at a time; you’ll have exclusive use of the arena for the whole session. So there’s no pressure from other road users or being watched by an audience of strangers.

Friendly Instructors

Our cars are manual BMW MINIs, fully equipped with dual controls and youngsters will spend the whole session in the driving seat whilst receiving easy to follow instructions from our highly experienced and patient trainers in the passenger seat.

Over the course of several sessions we’ll work through a programme of training, explaining and guiding the youngsters in the operation of the car and how to manoeuvre it on typical road layouts.

The Arena

All the driving takes place at our unique, purpose built arena located at the South Tees Motor Sports Park in Middlesbrough, North East of England.

This has been designed as a safe place to drive, away from traffic and other road hazards to help young drivers learn how to safely handle a car and gain confidence behind the wheel.

Safety First

We’re authorised by the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers) permitting us to legally and under lawful authority to teach under-17s under Government statutory regulations.

We emphasise safety first, responsible driving and protecting our customers, whilst having loads of fun at the same time!


Get Ahead On Driving

  BMW Mini used for the young driver experience days - Stunt driving days

  Young drivers enjoying the experience day - Stunt driving days

  Young driver on the experience day - Stunt driving days
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