Young Driver Programme

Whether they have driven before or never even sat in the drivers seat, we work at a pace to suit each and every person’s individual needs. Some youngsters may progress quicker than others, therefore the amount we get through in one 60 minute session depends on their ability.

We only take one party at a time, meaning they will have exclusive use of the arena for the session, therefore not only is there no pressure of other road users, but also no pressure of others watching except whoever comes along with them, allowing them to progress to their full potential.

We use BMW MINI cars fully equipped with dual controls, which will only be used if necessary. The whole session will be taken in the car with the youngsters in the driving seat, they will receive easy to follow instruction whilst driving with our experienced and patient trainers beside them in the passenger seat.

All drivers will go home with a progress sheet of everything they have successfully completed, along with a certificate of achievement.


  • Introduction to driving
  • Introduction to car
  • General car control
  • Clutch control
  • Starting
  • Stopping
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Angled starts
  • Emergency stops
  • Changing gear
  • Lane discipline
  • Reversing
  • Junctions
  • Reversing around a corner
  • Turn in the road
  • Bay parking
  • Parallel parking

Getting through the whole programme will take several sessions, how many sessions depends on the individual.

As the programme is fairly intense, we suggest they do a maximum of one hour per person at any one time, as after this concentration may drop, therefore not gaining their full potential.

We also provide indoor and outdoor spectator viewing areas, along with refreshments and free play on our racing simulator throughout the session with us.

Prior booking is essential and a parent or guardian must be present throughout the event.

We have morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.
First session: 10.00 am
Last session: 6.45 pm

Get Ahead On Driving

  Young driver in BMW Mini - Stunt driving days

  Young friends on experience day - Stunt driving days

  Evening young driver experience - Stunt driving days
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